The establishment of IT services units in the colleges is primarily aimed at operating and localizing the technology within the faculties by supporting the implementation of the ICTP central project activities in the universities within the faculties located in the units as well as other activities supporting the information technology. Where the management of the ICTP project realized in the performance of a self-evaluation of the performance of projects that the structure is not balanced with the presence of central projects in the universities and the lack of corresponding teams in the colleges to assist in the implementation of these activities and have a stable management within the college, hence the idea of creating units Technological services

Existing projects
1 – Up grading the efficiency of the network and information center of the university
2. Project integration and linking of MIS applications
3 - Completion of the activation and operation of electronic gates
4 - The project of providing electronic educational content
5 - Activation of the digital library and completion of the library and digital warehouse IT Training Project
7 - Establishment of electronic service units in colleges