About The Center

Information Technology & Communications Unit

Information technology is one of the basic elements that strengthen the college in order to carry out its main tasks in teaching, learning, scientific research, community service and environmental development. Therefore, the Faculty of Physical Education at Tanta University increases the efficiency of educational, research and administrative capacity of the educational system and scientific research by keeping abreast of technological innovations. To update the educational and training programs and curricula and methods of teaching and the development of new patterns of education in line with the global development. In this context, the College seeks to activate the information technology services to reach the beneficiaries of the faculty, students, faculty and staff through the establishment of an IT unit in the Faculty ITUNET in order to increase the effectiveness of the programs available through linking between the beneficiaries and the college using the mechanisms available from networks, Administrative information, digital library and e-learning.

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Vision & Mission

Vision: The IT Unit seeks to spread the culture of electronic services offered to students, faculty members, their assistants and employees, and to qualify them to contribute with all sectors of the college in making a qualitative leap in various fields of work inside and outside the college to reach a distinguished level. Message: The Information Technology Unit is working to spread the culture of electronic services within the college to the beneficiaries of "students and faculty members and administrators" and activate them by providing mechanisms for interactive communication among them in order to move to electronic dealing in order to serve the axes of educational, research and service work.

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