The digital library seeks to build a collaborative bibliographic facility for Egyptian university libraries by mechanizing work procedures in those libraries to help provide many integrated services for undergraduate and graduate students, and lighting the teaching staff and their assistants and visitors to the library from colleges of physical education to achieve the highest rates of effectiveness and efficiency, which leads to Rationalizing expenditures and making the best use of available resources.

Axes of work:
1- Providing the necessary infrastructure to automate the library.
2- Training the human resources.
3-Putting the scientific journal on the digital library and the Egyptian Knowledge Bank.
4- Standardizing and codifying work procedures electronically.
5- Building a database with theses for the scientific departments
6- Exploiting the capabilities of the integrated automated system for the digital library in providing research services in the holdings of all Egyptian and international university libraries, providing loan, inventory, serialization and linking to the electronic library.



Egyptian Universities



Egyptian Knowledge Bank - EKB