Management Information Systems (MIS) aims to automate faculty work and student affairs departments
- Graduate Studies
- The affairs of faculty members in the faculties of the university and all the departments of scientific and administrative college.
Work axes:
1 - The College to activate and apply all the functions of the applications of administrative information systems available at the College.
2 - linking and integration between the databases available at the university.
3 - Introduce applications of additional administrative information systems at the college.
4. Pilot support for the operation of a number of applications supported by ministries and state agencies.
5 - linking the applications of information management systems portal to the University.
6. Ensure integration of all applications through MIS projects - e-learning - digital libraries - IT training.
7. To propose a mechanism to ensure continuity of utilization of project outputs after the end of funding provided by the ICTP administration.
 8 - Localization of applications within the corresponding sectors of the university administration and adoption as a single system of outputs only.
9 - Dealing with the university and linking them.
10 - Entering students' data and postgraduate studies and opening control.
11 - Issuing the certificates secured.
12 - Extracting Carnations of students and faculty members.
13 - introduction and review salaries of faculty members and employees of the university on the Farouk system.

14 - Establishing systems for selecting compulsory and optional courses and linking them to electronic services for students.

15- Activating the system for introducing new graduate students electronically.