The aim of the network is to emphasize the efficiency of the research and educational process by improving the efficiency of the college's information network and linking with the Egyptian information network. It also provides the college with a number of points of connection to the wired and wireless internet network, allowing increased interaction and maintenance of computers in the college.
Work axes:
- Working to raise the efficiency of the network of wired and wireless college information.
- Follow-up of the link line with the Egyptian Information Network, as well as follow-up links with the University.
- Providing some of the college buildings with a number of internet access points.
- Secure and protect network devices and information.
- Providing the College with Distribution Switch
- Maintain the network periodically.
- Maintenance of computers in the faculty.
- Search for the latest researches and scientific and applied conferences around the world through the search systems available on the Internet.
- Summaries of the latest research through the global databases available on the Internet.
- The definition of Internet users around the world in Tanta University and the Faculty of Physical Education and the various departments in the college, as well as the scientific conferences to be held through the homepage of the University of Tanta, which is updated periodically with the work team portal.