Provide technical support to users and users of the services and applications available from existing university development projects such as the MIS project and the digital library project.
Coordinating with other development projects within the university such as the administrative information systems project and the electronic training project in order to automate administrative work inside the college, including all sectors.
Follow-up the production of electronic courses in the college and activate the use of electronic courses produced by other universities.
Follow up and solve all the problems in the college network.
Provision of the original licenses for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office software currently available through the contract of the Supreme Council of Universities with Microsoft with activation.
Download antivirus software on college hardware.
Activating communication between faculty members, students and staff.
Completing the e-mail service for students and faculty members.
Periodic update of the college website and the publication of the college news on

Completion of the college technology infrastructure

To codify the development of operating systems and basic software used on computers in college
Developing a compatible electronic work environment from the administrative information systems of the university
Provide the necessary support to organize the teaching and learning processes that depend on the information systems and technology at the college
Activate the e-mail role of the university as a key tool for communication between the faculty and each other and between faculty members and students
Improve the performance of the College's electronic portal
Create and activate an electronic library at the college