To provide the College and its staff members with faculty, staff and students with various technological services
Providing technical advice and training inside and outside the college, and contributing to the technological mechanization in the field of educational administration, teaching and learning, and scientific research, aiming to raise the technological efficiency in all fields within the college and university, and local, regional and global technological competition in light of the quality standards of the educational process.
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 : Completion of the infrastructure of college technologies, through -
Demanding the provision of computers in most faculty offices and their staff **
Demanding the provision of computers in all departments of the college **
Completing the provision of computers in stands and classrooms **
Providing printers, photocopiers and photocopiers in each of the departments of the college, and departments **
Establish a mechanism for its use and training on how to use it correctly
Connecting all computers in the faculty to an internal network and connecting them to the internet **
Completing the installation of data show devices in unfinished teaching rooms **.
Scanner Set up a mechanism for periodic emergency maintenance for all computers and display printers, and networking mechanisms at the college **
 : Legalization of the development of operating systems and basic software used on computers in college through -
Develop a specific mechanism to provide appropriate support to faculty, staff and college students - through workshops - in **
Replace operating systems loaded on their devices with original operating systems by the university
Periodic inventory of all operating systems, general programs and protection programs loaded on computers in college and replaced with operating systems and original programs **
Development of a program for the periodic maintenance of software for all computers in the college **
: Creating and activating an electronic library at the college, through
Design a website for a college library **
Entering, entering, and approving references and sources within the site.
Full text of theses on the website **
Raising faculty research on the site **
Create an account on the e-library for faculty and students **
All technical operations and services are carried out in the library.
Raising courses at
Assistance in the production of certificates 
Perform a historical monitoring of the students of all teams and numbering images on the formatic system to complete the process of issuing their Carnations.
Raise the result of exams for students  Division on the site