About The Center

IT-Unit Working team

Prof Dr. Eiman Adel Hasby -Director of IT-Unit- Mrs Sahar Atef- Member- Eng Mai Shebl- Member- Ms Marwa Elkolakolaly- Member- Ms Haidy wafik -Member- Eng Doaa Abdelnabi- Member- Mr-Mohamed Elkelany- Member- Eng Ali Magdi- Member-

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Vision & Mission

Vision:   Technology plays a major role in what it does and we constantly monitor what is happening in the world of information technology in the hope of improving teaching and administration methods in the Faculty of Medicine, conducting research and managing, downloading and updating all programs. the message:   Providing technology support to students of the Faculty of Medicine, doctors and faculty and administrators at Faculty of Medicine - Tanta University and seeking to achieve digital transformation at all levels.

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