About The Center

IT Unit

In pursuit of ICTP: To activate the information technology services to reach the beneficiaries of the faculties of students and faculty members and workers and raise the efficiency of the educational process through the use of information technology in communication between the educational institution and students and faculty members   This project provides an opportunity for colleges to obtain distinguished IT services through the establishment of a technological services unit.

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Vision & Mission

To be the technological services unit in the Faculty of Commerce - Tanta University more distinguished among the corresponding units at the local and regional levels in the development of information systems and technology services at the university and university level, and the service of educational institutions technology both at the university level and pre-university. To provide the College and its staff members with faculty members, staff and students with various technological services, to provide consultancy and training in technology within and outside the college, and to contribute to technological mechanization in the field of educational administration, teaching and learning, and scientific research. , And local, regional and global technological competition in light of the quality standards of the educational process.

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